About Us

Our Values

NTI is Europe’s largest bespoke restructuring, insolvency, and debt management solutions training company. However, our values do not emanate from our size or provenance, they radiate from the core standards that underpin everything we do. We have limitless supplies of energy, innovation and creativity, and apply our passion to training, services and products in all four corners of our business.

The word ‘peerless’ is sometimes over-used. But that’s what we are proud to be at NTI.

The Team

Neil Taylor

Managing Director and Founder

Neil is the founder and Managing Director of NTI who is constantly wondering what the acronym stands for.

He has been training at the cutting edge of the restructuring and insolvency profession for more than 30 years and has even more energy and passion for the next 30. He is a senior consultant of the World Bank and joins with them in designing and implementing insolvency licensing regimes and qualifications around the globe.

Andy Deere

Head Of Lecturing

Andy is an IP, and Head Of Lecturing for NTI. This is the perfect combination for a training and services company that succeeds in delivering courses and technical support to everyone in our glorious profession.

Andy is an extremely good lecturer, a zealous manager but, most importantly for us and our clients, a very good and affable person. His success in the lecture room is only matched by his energy outside of it.

Vijay Bhatti


Vijay is a highly accomplished insolvency and legal presenter, with a long and successful history in the sector. He has excellent people skills, strong self- and social-awareness and a clear understanding of 'the NTI way'. He is a natural leader and very popular with clients and students alike.

Vijay may be a new addition to NTI's lecturing team, but he certainly isn't new to lecturing for insolvency. What Vijay brings to the lecture room is confidence, knowledge and a boat load of charm and charisma.

Jamie Cochrane

Head Of Technical and Lecturer

Jamie joined the NTI team in summer 2023, having been trained successfully by all NTI lecturers and keenly sought a role within the business. He is an Insolvency Practitioner, a great technician and someone who interacts naturally with those around him. He is an Insolvency Practitioner who adorns the business and 'gets' our mission and message. Jamie is head of the NTI Technical Department.

What is NTI?

It doesn't go without saying (apparently, because we are saying it ...) that NTI is the best in everything we do. We have to be, we have very able competitors and the world is a mobile, fickle place that will chase the next best deal.

We are natural leaders; we are small enough to be able to think of the best new ideas and big enough to implement them without having to hack through layers of bureaucracy. From this came the first app in the profession; from this came CPD TAP, the electronic up-date service; from this came the only fully IPS-checked working documents and compliance process and from this came our status as an accredited qualification provider to the debt solutions industry.

We are hugely ambitious, of course for ourselves, but also for our clients and our students. We strongly believe they deserve the best and endeavour constantly to innovate ways for them to receive it.

You can also trust us, because you matter to us. Not because you are ‘business’, but because you are people.