The Ultimate CII Training Course

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CII+: The future of CII study plans

Building upon the foundation of our CII program, CII+ introduces an unparalleled level of support and resources designed to ensure your success. This enhanced program includes:

  • Exclusive Monthly Zoom Calls: Engage in one-to-one or small group discussions to address your queries, technical issues, and assessment challenges.
  • NTI Compendium: Receive a hard copy of the NTI Compendium, your essential guide through the study material.
  • Dedicated Revision Phase Support: Benefit from a specialized Zoom session to optimize your exam preparation and strategy.
  • Comprehensive Mock Exams: Test your knowledge with three assessment-quality full revision mock exams, designed to mirror the actual exam experience.

Enhance your learning experience with CII+, and gain the confidence to excel in your professional journey.

CII vs CII+ Comparison

One-to-One/Few Monthly Zoom Calls
NTI Compendium (Hard Copy)
Revision Phase Zoom Session
Full Revision Mock Exams
Price (ex VAT) £1,250 £1,450
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