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NTI Are Leaders in the Design, Provision and Delivery of CPD

Leaders in CPD

NTI are leaders in the design, provision and delivery of CPD for all grades of insolvency and restructuring professional, with any level of experience and qualification.


We offer the only app in the profession, which is stacked full of information, updates and news bulletins.

All of your CPD requirements can be delivered to your smartphone, tablet or laptop on our unique CPD TAP updating service on the NTI app.

The NTI newsroom deliver restructuring and insolvency news, views and opinions every day of the week, free of charge and available to all.

This is the only daily news bulletin and reporting service exclusively for those in the restructuring, insolvency and business professions.

You can also request that your own, exclusive section of the NTI app can be opened to include materials, handouts and contents of courses we design specifically for your business, enabling your colleagues and teams to have ready access to everything useful to them about your business and the things vital to it on their smartphones.


Introduction to Insolvency

NTI's face-to-face courses and webcast programmes are perfect for:

  • Those who have been newly recruited to the profession
  • Anyone moving roles within a restructuring or insolvency business
  • Team members who want to prepare for the ICAEW’s CII assessment or the IPA’s CPI suite of courses
  • Anyone who wants to add knowledge of insolvency and restructuring to their CV

We offer comprehensive technical and practical training and support of two kinds:

1 Dynamic and Interactive Face-to-Face Introduction to Insolvency Courses

You can choose one or more of five perfectly pitched technical and practical courses, presented in both London and Manchester.

Energetic and practical face-to-face training to bring the processes and technicality of insolvency to life. Replete with materials, case studies and exercises.

Face-to-face ITI

2 A Comprehensive Webcast Programme: ITIQ

NTI have produced a 25 webcast programme for entry level recruits and team members, leading to the Introduction To Insolvency Qualification (ITIQ).

This training is the perfect way to structure induction or developmental training for those new to your business.



From November 1st, 2023, the ICAEW will increase the minimum number of hours for those considered to be 'working in practice', with three categories.

  • Category 1 - 40 hours of CPD is required, of which 30 hours are to be verifiable
  • Category 2 - 30 hours of CPD is required, of which 20 hours are to be verifiable
  • Category 3 - 20 hours of CPD is required, of which 10 hours are to be verifiable
  • Effectively, every person working in insolvency, restructuring and advisory must achieve verfiable CPD training each year.

    The term 'verifiable hours' is defined to include webinars, presentations with defined learning outcomes and verifiable technical reading. It also includes ‘on-the-job training’, which is only verifiable if the reading can be evidenced. Otherwise, it counts as non-verifiable CPD if it is relevant to the learning needs of the role. Also, every person will be required to keep a CPD record which is capable of being checked and verified.

    ONLY AT NTI do we provide a unique, dynamic, up-to-the-minute, information and update service designed for today’s insolvency, restructuring and advisory professional, NTI's CPD TAP presents, in the most flexible and accessible format, all of the viable CPD every member of the professions needs.

    In August 2023, for example, NTI published more than four hours worth of highly varied CPD over 15 webcasts. We also provide 'teaching sessions' - enabling firms to project webcasts into training and meeting rooms to provide CPD for groups of yeam members.

    ONLY NTI OFFER a comprehensive CPD solution, CPD TAP app provides a ‘Personalised CPD Report’ facility where individual users can download their personal CPD use reports. All of which is fully verifiable to confirm all 40 hours have been completed.

    ONLY NTI OFFER fully flexible and downloadable CPD updates and training wherever and whenever you want it. If a vital case is decided by the courts on, say, a Wednesday it will be on CPD TAP and fully explained the next day, Thursday.

    ONLY NTI OFFER the now compulsory one hour of Ethics training as a complimentary part of our CPD TAP up-to-the-moment service

    NTI are proud of our award-winning electronic-delivery CPD service, which delivers all the CPD you will need to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

    CPD TAP is as unique as it is useful and, with six or seven ‘must have’ updates each month, delivering CPD at the cost of £7 per webcast. Astonishing value, and perfect for train journeys, coffee breaks and even team training within the office.

    Everything in our profession moves quickly, and information and updates come to you from many directions. At NTI we gather it all up, explain it and give it to you, as it happens, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop via CPD TAP.


    Bespoke In-House Courses

    A large part of the cost of CPD rests with lost fee earning time, travel and incidentals.

    Why not let NTI bring the most up-to-date, relevant and flexibly designed CPD to your offices? You can choose the topics, the timings and the location and NTI will do the rest, with professionally trained IP presenters.

    This is bespoke, just for you and targeted directly at your business needs.

    Bespoke in-house courses

    Professional Services Training

    The insolvency and restructuring profession moves quickly, with new legislation, case law and practice regulations being changed and added all the time.

    It is really tough for a busy professional to keep up to date. NTI will do all the heavy lifting for you and your teams, with up-to-the minute training and support on essential topics such as AML, Ethics, GDPR and all the other vital areas we do not yet know about … but we will have to .

    Let us do the update and compliance work, whilst you do yours.

    Professional Services Training

    Open Courses

    NTI deliver a series of highly energetic, relevant and up-to-the-minute Open Courses, offering updates with views and opinions, designed and presented by fully trained IP presenters.

    The dates of these courses are published at the beginning of each calendar year and include training in both the north and south of our fine country.

    Open Courses

    Behavioural Skills Webcasts

    Insolvency professionals at the top of their game are as knowledgeable and experienced as those in any other walk of life ...

    ... but why should they be great managers, mentors, inspirers, trainers and leaders?

    NTI have a reputation for delivering highly influential personal and interpersonal skills training to those within the often frantic world of insolvency and restructuring.

    Behavioural Skills Webcasts