Behavioural Webcasts

For Every Professional

Essential Interpersonal Skills Training

NTI have produced a series of essential webcasts for insolvency professionals who are new to this or any profession and have the ambition to move up the career chain.

There are also those who exceptionally good at their job, but who also have the challenge of managing teams, mentoring juniors, inspiring a response, dealing with difficult clients and having potentially onerous conversations. What communication and other skills will help them to become the next greatest version of themselves?

The first three webcasts (1 to 3) in the series are for those who are new, or relatively new, to a professional role.

The second set of webcasts (4 to 6) are for established insolvency and restructuring professionals who are moving into management and are exploring the personal and interpersonal skills to enable them to exceed in that role.

The Webcasts

The Presenter

Neil Taylor

Neil set up NTI in 2013, having spent almost 30 years stomping the boards in JIEB and CPI lecture rooms all over the country (and having invented both qualifications just after the Battle Of Bosworth Field).

Neil is a lawyer with a passion for the development of people and for inspiring learning and behavioural skills change. He strongly believes that you must be inspired to succeed … and will spend the rest of his days proving it. His vast experience in developing people and his highly energetic style brings dynamism to lectures, products and our peerless brand of client service.