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NTI: Partner In Learning (ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency)

ICAEW Partner in Learning

NTI are proud to be a ‘Partner in Learning’ with the ICAEW on their ground-breaking Certificate in Insolvency (CII) qualification.

The ICAEW assessment centre is made up of 80 questions, with a mix of multiple choice, ‘True’ / ‘False’, ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ and other objective questions. A candidate can sit the exam at any one of a number of assessment centres and will usually receive their result within one business day of completing the exam.

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Introducing: CII+: The future of CII study plans

Building upon the foundation of our CII program, CII+ introduces an unparalleled level of support and resources designed to ensure your success. This enhanced program includes:

  • Exclusive Monthly Zoom Calls: Engage in one-to-one or small group discussions to address your queries, technical issues, and assessment challenges.
  • NTI Compendium: Receive a hard copy of the NTI Compendium, your essential guide through the study material.
  • Dedicated Revision Phase Support: Benefit from a specialized Zoom session to optimize your exam preparation and strategy.
  • Comprehensive Mock Exams: Test your knowledge with three assessment-quality full revision mock exams, designed to mirror the actual exam experience.
ONLY NTI offer total flexibility about when you can start your CII studies
ONLY NTI have an app on which you can download and enjoy all of our webcasts, materials, tests and exercises and unique Compendium
ONLY NTI have full-colour CII-specific exam-based materials from which you can study anywhere at any time
ONLY NTI have a flexible Study Planner empowering you to manage your time and your studies
ONLY NTI offer 1,000 additional multiple choice questions within our study manual, testing every part of the syllabus and empowering you to understand what is required in the ICAEW assessment
ONLY NTI offer four exam-standard mock assessments for the vital revision stage of your studies
ONLY NTI offer you on-app webcasts about numbers questions and exercises
ONLY NTI have a Compendium of every word, phrase, term and acronym used in the sector ... of course, on our app

The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency (CII) is:

  • a highly prestigious qualification for those in the restructuring, insolvency and bank advisory fields
  • the best way to blend the prestige of the Chartered Accountant’s brand with a comprehensive assessment of knowledge across all processes and procedures of the profession
  • perfect for those who:
    • have either just joined the profession, or
    • who are experienced in some or all aspects of practical insolvency, or
    • are a financial, legal and other professional and who want to add to their knowledge and experience, or
    • want to branch out into a new field of business expertise

NTI are insolvency and restructuring exam training specialists. We have been training insolvency professionals towards their exams and qualifications for more than 30 years.

NTI is:

  • the leader in the provision of successful exam training courses
  • the best value training company, providing top quality courses at affordable prices (and offering payment by instalments for those who need to budget carefully for their professional training)
  • innovative and flexible about the way professional training should be designed and delivered

Studying for the ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency (CII) with NTI

At NTI our CII training, service and support includes all of the following for the cost of the course £1,250 (ex VAT):


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