CPCI Training

CPCI Full Study Support Programme

NTI's Comprehensive CPCI Training

The full Study Support Programme (SSP) from NTI offers CPCI students the most and the best.

You do not have to choose between face-to-face lectures and a programme of webcasts. NTI provide both, offering more of each in a comprehensive and dynamic timetable of learning.

Our Full 'Study Support Programme' Includes All the Elements Set Out Below

The NTI SSP is an award-winning programme of study and support that offers students the best chance of success.

Study Materials and Learning Assistance

During your months of study the materials you work from will become your greatest friends.

NTI have the most up-to-date, exam-centric and comprehensive training materials. They include:

Course Dates

Lecturer and Mentor Support

NTI have a full-time team of four dedicated insolvency exam training experts, lecturing in locations in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

We also provide our unique Learning Mentor support service. Each of our students is allocated an individual Mentor to design and maintain a Study Plan for their course, to answer questions and analyse and review set questions and mock exams.


£1,950 (ex VAT)


£3,000 (ex VAT)


£999 (ex VAT)

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