ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency (CII)

Why Choose NTI for CII?

Great Results

NTI understands that students enrol onto our ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency (CII) training course because they want to pass the assessment. At NTI our terrific students have achieved fantastic results in this prestigious qualification. We are proud of them, and proud of their success.

Best Value

We simply will not be beaten on price. The cost of NTI's training courses is already the best in the business. However, should another provider offer you a deal, we will beat it.

Peerless Service and Support

Everything at NTI has been designed around students and their sponsors. We provide the best materials, the most lectures, by far the greatest number of webcasts and webinars and our unique 'Learning Mentor' individual student support service. However, if there is anything extra or bespoke you need to ensure you pass your exams, you just need to ask. The answer will be 'yes'.


NTI is all about energy. We are leaders in everything we do. Because of this we are able to innovate and constantly explore better training and learning solutions. We are the first with our revolutionary app. We introduced smartphone/tablet updates with our CPD TAP resource. We have a daily news bulletin service designed for our profession. We lead in technology and we deliver progress in everything we do.

More Lectures

NTI have a central belief that the best training, with the greatest chance to be both proactive and responsive, is in the training room. For the CII we are the only provider to offer face-to-face learning.

More Webcasts

The NTI app enables our business to deliver webcasts and webinars on students' phones and tablets. Every part of every course is available electronically in addition to within the lecture room. Quite simply, we provide more webcasts and webinars than anyone else.

Greatest Lecture Team

At NTI we never rely upon part-time teachers or consultants who do not totally share our core values and beliefs, and who do not understand 'the NTI way'. We have four full-time insolvency training experts who are passionate about their subjects and the best in everything they do.

Inventive Learning

All of our lecturers understand that different students respond and learn in different ways. There is no 'right way', but there are many divergent ways to understand and to succeed. We publish and provide manuals on accelerated learning and holistic learning techniques. There is none better than NTI at this, anywhere.

Exam Experience

NTI do not only provide more than 1,000 practice assessment questions on our app and in the Study Support Programme, we have also written two new practice mock assessments for the crucial revision period of a student's CII studies.


When you are having fun you are 75% more likely to remember and succeed. This means at NTI you will be 100% more likely to do so, as we inject fun into everything we do.