The 2022 JIEB Exam: Neil is Trussed Up and Lying Gagged in the Corner ...

Posted on Nov 16, 2022. by NTI

As per the conditions of his injunction Neil has been incapacitated and strongly advised not to comment on the Joint Board's latest two exams, sat by students on 15 and 16 November.

NTI, as always, had the big majority of candidates sitting the Corporate and Personal Insolvency papers throughout the UK and are proud to give some early feedback on behalf of ours and others.

If you were a Corporate Insolvency retake you would have used the Butterworths largely left untouched on your desk last year (and even the year before) as the examiner returned to 'source' for a number of nailed down marks. Procedure for a Compulsory Winding-Up? What a nice little amuse bouche at the very beginning of Question 1. Who is guaranteed to pass? Those who were properly trained to spot this was exactly the type of sub-part where you simply bank full marks. Those are the same candidates who would have scored full marks on the CIGA Moratorium, directly from ... well, CIGA. Thanks JIEB.

Two very satisfying numbers questions (for those not obsessed with the thought, "much finish this ... must finish this") and the legal/practical considerations for the appointment of an Administrator? Great marks and the bill; thank you.

That Question 3? You mean the same Question 3 as everyone else taking the paper had to answer? It is just a question of applying what we at NTI have taught you in vital face-to-face lectures throughout all the months of 2022.

The Personal Insolvency paper was just as fair. Fair and straightforward open book law and the options for a debtor on Government benefits ... what a peach. 

If you are a student of NTI (and most are) you will have recognised the partnerships question at No 4; all cashflow and options for the partners. The reason for this is that, throughout the year we:

Tipped it.

Trained towards it.

Answered it.

Enabled you to pass it.

Now it is time to trust your hard work and your memory and get to the place where you can look at a piece of paper without trying to learn it. Enjoy your very hard-earned freedom.

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