Arcadia/Debenhams News on the Hour, Every Hour

Posted on Nov 30, 2020. by NTI

Whoever would have guessed it? It has just been reported that Philip Green has turned down Mike Ashley's generous offer of a £50 million loan to save Arcadia from Administration which, according to the popular press, could be starting anytime ... now.

When offered a choice between being given financial assistance by Mike Ashley or being sliced open by 100 razor sharp knives, Green came back in a heartbeat and said:

"Where do I go to start the slicing?"

Mind you, it was a little difficult to hear Ashley's offer in the first place as his tongue was so lodged in his cheek it will have to be surgically removed if National Health staff can locate sufficient PPE to protect them from contact with that horrible, vile, disgusting microscopically-brained sub-being ... Mike Ashley.

What is the next move? We await news from Deloitte who should now start the Administration of Arcadia and wait around for Ashley to make a formal offer for the business and hear the banshee wails from Monte Carlo. We cannot wait.

Have a good evening.

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