August CPD: Record Numbers

Posted on Sep 06, 2023. by NTI

September 1st marked the 'two months to go until the ICAEW changes' point at which we are all going to have to get much more serious about the CPD we access, engage with and can verify.

With NTI's CPD TAP all the time spent listening to or downloading our up-to-the-moment webcasts is both 'verfiable' and extremely useful. We also had a good August, publishing 15 CPD TAP webcasts totalling 4 hours 16 minutes of updates, commentary, 'teaching moments' and, most importantly, highly relevant CPD.

Here is a summary of some of the content from August that is, of course, always available on the NTI app and can be listened to and shared at any time.

** With Restructuring Plans always in the news we looked at why their CIGA-cousin, the A1 Moratorium, does not seem to have caught on. We examined the Government's report into the intervention and its progress since inception.

** August saw some of the biggest questions raised about litigation funding in its history. We examined PACCAR during the month and chatted with Mena Halton, managing director of Manolete Partners, about the implications of the latest case law.

** Merry and Dyer v Esa is an up-to-the-minute judgment about transactions at an undervalue - a sector favourite.

** On 10 August the Chancery Division laid down a judgment on examining the delaying tactics of a director in an Administration. We looked at the case and offered guidance and explanation.

** TAP 461 examined an old favourite, Wrongful Trading, and delved into detail all insolvency professionals will find useful.

** There was a call for evidence from the Insolvency Service on the current Personal Insolvency Framework, asking important questions about the future of this vital part of our sector.

** One of the real benefits of CPD TAP is the opportunity to spend between 5 and 10 minutes listening to a summary and explanation of the most recent cases. NTI recorded three last month; one on the rule of parri passu, another on section 38 of the Pensions Act and one on the intriguing Restructuring Plan of a Taiwanese company. Download these and enjoy them over a 5 minute coffee.

** On 24 August TAP 466 explained and explored the Volume Providers Guidelines Update from the Insolvency Service.

** We found out about 'moneyboxing' in an MVL and shared it with you in TAP 467 on 25 August.

** There has been so much published about Restructuring Plans and their potential affects on HMRC; NTI took a good long look at what Plans have meant and may mean in the future for the Revenue's secondary preferential status.

** NTI are starting a new series about the Insolvency Guidance Papers, opening with 'Dealing with Complaints' on 31 August.

** On that same day (31 August) we published a groundbreaking decision, explaining it to all subscribers, about when a Bankrupt, creditor or other person can overrule an officeholder's decision.

There is so much to tap into, enjoy and learn and the NTI app always keeps the most up-to-the-moment changes in our sector fresh and verfiable.

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