Autumn Introduction to Insolvency Courses

Posted on Sep 05, 2019. by NTI

Our Introduction to Insolvency Courses are ideal for people new to the insolvency industry, have recently changed roles to work in Insolvency, anyone who needs a refresher or even people not working in insolvency who have interest in how the insolvency industry works. These courses are also an excellent lead in to the CPI examinations. 

This dynamic suite of 6 courses covers all of the basics of Insolvency but more importantly deals with the real, practical elements that delegates will encounter on the day-job. The courses will include real insolvency documents and practical exercises to help delegates understand what working in the insolvency industry entails. There will also be a focus on the skills new starters will need to work in insolvency, clearly explaining the basics like inputting creditor claims, case diaries, checklists, cashiering, time recording and more.

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