Azets, Which Was Cogital, Welcomes Baldwins, Wilkins Kennedy And Campbell Dallas

Posted on Sep 09, 2020. by NTI

When you first go onto the Azets website a reassuring banner hits you in the eye stating 'We Are Azets', which is good if you are looking for information about Azets and equally good if you are planning a trip to Mexico and the Aztec trail, as you know very early on that you have mis-spelt the words in your search engine and need to look elsewhere.

The Azets homepage has a big photo of a man standing atop a craggy mountain looking wistfully into the far distance. Is he hopelessly lost, or hopefully found? It is not clear, but you soon get to know that 'The Accountants and Business Advisory team here to save your precious time', as we are told that. All good. 

Dawn Marriott, CEO of Azets Group, said in an interview how delighted she is to announce a milestone in their growth story by welcoming onboard regional firms, Baldwins, Wilkins Kennedy and Campbell Dallas, all of which are part of Cogital. Here we got a little confused and sent Aarati out to investigate. It appears that the CogitalGroup is an international business services group supporting entrepreneurial businesses and their owners and managers in achieving long term (and?) ... and (nearly) all of the members of the group are rebranding as Azets. Nearly all? Yes, London firm Blick Rothenberg is retaining its name within the group.

Digging a little deeper we discovered that Azets is a word of Basque origin, meaning, 'Village in very southern Vrance,on the French-Spanish border in the Pyrenees', which probably explains the man on the craggy mountain on the group's homepage, as he is almost certainly looking for this region to help us all make a link with the name of the business.

In a worthy attempt to explain everything Cogital said clients across the enlarged Azets group and Blick Rothenberg will gain the benefits of significant synergies, including the option to access additional services, skill sets and an international offering, whilst retaining a personal local service. The group has over 160 offices across the UK and Europe, over 6,500 employees and 600 partners with a turnover of £500 million plus. To complete this impressive jigsaw what was needed was the final piece, to be named after a village in southern Vrance and to bring (almost all) of everything under the same name (which wasn't to be, it appears, Cogital).

Dawn Marriott is very excited about it and you can see why. She herself is named after the hotel group with more than 30 hotel brands and so must be used to lots of names and lots of identities under a single corporate umbrella.

Well done to you all; we just need to sit down and digest all of the above over a nice cup of tea (of which there are 25 varieties ... oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

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