Boris Becker: Insolvency Service With 10 Match Points Against His Serve

Posted on Sep 03, 2020. by NTI

As a German man, with English as his second language, we in the NTI newsroom think that Boris Becker can be forgiven for misunderstanding the restaurant name Nobu, thinking there to be a gap between the b and the u, and then considering it an instruction (the u being a Russian model - whilst his wife was pregnant with their second child). However, can any man truly be forgiven for fathering a child in just five seconds? Apparently the Russian recipient of Boris’ beneficence was impregnated in a cleaning cupboard of the restaurant which, Michelle tells us, serve a very fine blackened cod, albeit at a cost of £30. 

Some reports have it that this was the beginning of the ginger German’s financial woes, which have just become a great deal more serious. Boris has been called to the umpire’s chair (well, the court) to answer charges that he has failed to cooperate with authorities in his Bankruptcy. His Bankruptcy Restriction Order is impressive by any standards, extending as it does until 2031. From a point where he had an estimated net worth of about £100 million (which means The Times guessed it and added 30 percent) his reportedly ‘lavish lifestyle’ (presumably including dragging Russian models into cupboards in restaurants to show off his premature ejaculatory tendencies) cost him dear and he ended up £50 million in debt. On being made Bankrupt he was forced out of a house in Wimbledon which reportedly was costing him £30,000 a month, mainly because he insisted on wall-to-wall padding and sanitisers to be added to all the cupboards.  

He was made Bankrupt in 2017 by Arbuthnot Latham, having failed to pay the £3.3 million he owed to them and things have hardly improved since then. The Official Receiver investigated antecedent transactions of more than £4 million during the initial stages of the Bankruptcy and now he stands accused of ten breaches in match points against him by the Insolvency Service. A prosecution is being brought against him and the first hearing is on 24 September. Mind you, Boris has form - he should be in and out of there in about five seconds. 

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