Chav Or Choice?

Posted on Jul 17, 2020. by NTI

There was a time when a gabardine waterproof Burberry trench coat signalled the rite of passage to financial success. That tartan and the swagger that accessorised it was a ‘must have’ for all successful business people.

Our Tracee has a Burberry bag that she insists is not a knock-off, as she paid almost £15 for it on Camden Lock Market and although we all insist she may have gone from chic to shut-up in a single bound she loves it (despite the fact that Burberry is mis-spelt on its shiny gold clasp).

So, when did Burberry go from coat to cut? The brand has suffered a huge fall in sales over the past four months, prompting Burberry to cut 500 jobs worldwide. Sales have fallen to £247 million in the quarter ending in June and in Europe and the US they fell by a swash-buckling 70 per cent.

Burberry are tightening their £250 belts; the company wants to streamline its British head office and is looking to shave its headcount by about four per cent. Burberry say that it will re-invest the money it saves in digital campaigns (so, two ads by Brooklyn Beckham, then) … but the writing is on the wall.

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