Chilango: Rude, Greedy, Unscrupulous

Posted on Jul 23, 2020. by NTI

Billy and Tracee have told us about the time their Mum took them to Mexico to meet their Uncle Alejandro. They were pretty young at the time, so their memories are quite sketchy and seem to involve a lot of sitting around in a back street cafe in the charming little shantytown of Iztapalapa on the outskirts of Mexico City whilst Mum was ... 'visiting'. Tracee remembers the three of them having an adventure, driving fast back to the airport in the trunk of a Volkswagen Jetta, playing a game of 'who can be the quietest', but only recalls two or three hours of the time spent in Terminal Three at Heathrow as their Mum was having a little chat with customs officials on the UK Border. Her 'new Mum', with whom she and Billy lived for the next eight years, couldn't shed any light on this.

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