Companies House? Companies SHED. A Mistake ... Go Home And Be With Your Families

Posted on Oct 22, 2020. by NTI

If you cannot believe a Government institution who can you believe? (said Farid Gazzah standing on the rubble of his family home in Aleppo, countering a journalist who confronted his patriotic views by saying the shelling was the responsibility of Government forces, official sources of which denied the attack).

We in the NTI newsroom are not saying we know how he feels, but when official Companies House guidance clearly says: “If your document is acceptable for filing, the document will be registered with the date it was uploaded to Companies House,” and it turns out the document uploaded was NOT registered when originally uploaded. What is GOING ON?

With SBS forces covering every possible exit route in Crown Way, Cardiff awaiting the order to go in, Companies House finally backed down and were forced to confirm that the wording in the guidance is incorrect. We are shocked. To the very roots.

The date showing in the filing history of the company is the date the document was registered/processed and not the date of receipt/upload. Previously the date of receipt could be identified by the physical barcode appearing on the image of the document, though with the upload service that is no longer possible due to the absence of a physical barcode.

We know what you are all thinking. What decent person wouldn't think it in the face of such adversity? What if there is no physical bar code? For the love of God and all that is true and right, can the upload to the service can be recorded in some other way?

Be clear; heads will roll, things will change, some of which can never be the same.

Those remaining at Companies House are working on this and will, the media is assured, be giving updated guidance as soon as possible.

All you can do this evening is go home and be with your families.

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