Competition Time at NTI: Win an All-Expenses Paid Trip to Barts and St Kitts

Posted on Sep 29, 2021. by NTI

It is competition time here at the NTI newsroom (courtesy of our partners from the 'Plain English Campaign').

Win an all-expenses paid five star trip to the glittering isles of Barts and St Kitts for a family of 12 (pets welcome). All you have to do is help us to decipher what on Earth is going on in the phrase below, emailed to us by one of NTI Technical's clients, who wants to buy our fabulous, plain-written, concise, practical and easy-to-use document packs, having been confronted with it by 'another provider' (who should know better, having been in this game longer than God).

"Enhanced customer due diligence can be seen as simplified customer due diligence but with all the measures increased or enhanced."


You then have to answer this simple question: why would any firm buy document packs from companies who appear to charge by the word, and without them being fully coded and ready-to-go for IPS?

All entries please, by end-of-school on 6 October. The winner (if such there is) will be announced on a compliance competitor's website (you just have to find your name amidst the gobbledegook).

Good Luck to You All.

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