CPD is Changing This Year - So is NTI's CPD TAP Service

Posted on Jul 05, 2023. by NTI

From November, changes in the rules surrounding the way an insolvency professional achieves a minimum number of 'verifiable hours' of CPD are changing. Luckily, NTI's CPD TAP is changing with them and we guarantee to give every person the correct number of hours from one, unique source.

This even includes the compulsory one hour ethics requirement (of courseNTI have something in our panoply of training we will offer free with all CPD TAP subscribers).

Meanwhile, June was a terrific month for updates, practical downloads, interviews and essential information-sharing on NTI's CPD TAP. If you didn't get the opportunity to listen to the up-to-date webcasts on cases and changes you can still access them now.

There were three hours 38 minutes of CPD in all during June, over 14 webcasts (including interviews with someone from FRP and another from a partner at Manolete Partners). The highlights are:

** For those in Scotland there is a useful summary of the Bankruptcy and Diligence (Scotland) Bill, due to come onto the statute books in 2024

** Crypto-assets and digital currency exchange is a part of our lives and a challenge for insolvency professionals. We downloaded a webcast explaining the key moments of the All Party Group on Crypto Assets on 6 June (you should also listen to the highly useful TAP 408 from March on how to discover and realise crypto assets)

** We looked at a case issued from the High Court discussing whether the OR could obtain a disqualification of a director for fraud

** There was a great case on 8 June, reported on CPD TAP on the 9th reporting whether a Bankruptcy Order can be annulled on an unliquidated debt

** Section 423 IA 1986 (Transactions Defrauding Creditors) was a feature of two court judgments in June and we reported on both of them the day after the judgments were made public

** When can the court in one jurisdiction overrule another in deciding where the 'Centre of Main Interests' lies? We reported and explained a key case on this on 15 June

** NTI downloaded two 'teaching and learning webcasts' in June. One of them was on deemed delivery and time scales and there was another on the relevance of receiverships in the third decade of the 21st century

** There was a conversation with Luke Wilson about issue within the construction industry, as well as one with Andrew Cawkwell of Manolete Partners on 27 June (about the opportunities of litigation funding)

** We looked at cost models on Administrations towards the end of the month and completed the range of webcasts with a great new case about when striking off a company can be considered an abuse of the Insolvency Act MVL process

If you ever want us to include a specific topic or join a debate please let us know. CPD is changing and so is CPD TAP. We want the service to work best for you at all times.

Because at NTI inovation always comes as standard.

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