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Posted on Jun 01, 2023. by NTI

We are about to test the theory that, on average, people only look at the top three lines of a news bulletin (particularly one read online).

A case, such as Sequana, is reported from the Supreme Court - changing life in our sector as we know it - on, say, a Wednesday. NTI's CPD TAP publishes a webcast on it, giving all details, explanations and the ways it will affect your job the following day (Thursday). Not in a (pretty useless) bite-sized chunk, not at a conference 3 months later and certainly not on 20 PowerPoint slides read out by an untrained presenter.

Everyone who subscribes to CPD TAP receives more than 30 hours of totally up-to-date, relevant, and actionable CPD for just £129 per year (for example we produced more than three and a half hours of totally relevant CPD in May alone). To highlight the cost effectiveness of this unique update and information solution further, this equals £4.31 per hour, per user, for all the CPD they will require all year. 


(Now we may start to lose you, but I really hope you can stay with us ...). May 2023 was a very big month on NTI's CPD TAP, with 13 webcasts added to the app amounting to 3 hours 36 minutes of up-to-the-minute updates, explanations and practical advice on the changes and movements in our glorious profession. The month of May saw webcasts added on the following:

** A new case explaining a transaction at an undervalue in a Bankruptcy, where we explore the outer reaches of section 339 Insolvency Act 1986

** On 4 May the highest court in the UK, the Supreme Court, ruled on the differences between fixed and floating charges, as a way of placing the cat amongst the corporate insolvency pigeons

** A case and an article for those of us who deal with directors of insolvent companies and seek retribution from their pension pots, where a drawdown cannot be enforced ... or can it? A new High Court case examines the law we all thought we knew

** On 10 May we interviewed, live on CPD TAP, Steven Cooklin CEO of Manolete about the rise of investigations into bounceback loan fraud and the litigation arising out of such matters

** Restructuring Plans are growing in potential and we recorded a TAP where HMRC opposed two very recent such Plans

** In Scotland the Movable Transactions (Scotland) Act has finally reached the statute books. NTI explore the implications of the new legislation and explain the background behind many of the terms within it

** There is nothing more important or significant that the mental health of individuals suffering anxiety or depression over their financial troubles and on 17 May CPD TAP spent 30 minutes exploring the very latest, to support Mental Health Awareness Week

** Staying with personal insolvency and Bankruptcies, the new case of Kooter v Official Receiver reported on 18 May. On 19 May CPD TAP explains the case and examines the responsibility for the costs of a Trustee in Bankruptcy where a Bankruptcy Order is annulled

** We explained a remarkable new case which changed the position on the 'Change of Position' defence under section 127 Insolvency Act 1986

** As part of a series where NTI explore and explain key parts of our daily practical insolvency and restructuring lives, we go through the request for a physical meeting

** The case of Al Saud explored whether a Bankruptcy petition can be served on an individual who is not domiciled in the jurisdiction. All terms and ramifications were explained in this CPD TAP

** In the latest of our 'Consumer Issues' series we set out the very latest data, statistics and issues facing those performing valuable work with individuals struggling with debt

And, don't forget, we also have unique webcasts on such matters as the search for crypto-assets (TAP 408), the construction supply chain (TAP 397) and the views of Ofgem in the Energy Supply Crisis (TAP 367), and so many more you can explore and download at any time.


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