CPD TAP: Updates and Explanations Now, When You Need Them

Posted on Mar 08, 2023. by NTI

It was a very active and important February for updates and information, covered in full by NTI's CPD TAP on-app service.

If you have subscribed to our up-to-the-minute update and information service for the insolvency and restructuring sector take some time to track back on the app, scroll down and access some of the recordings. Remember, you can either listen to them on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or download and listen in on your commute or in the gym later.

If you have not yet subscribed to this unbelievably useful and, let's be honest, cheap service ... ah@nti.co.uk

What did we cover last month?

** We interviewed Gareth Wilcox of Opus Restructuring about the Administrations Connected Person Regulations. It became clear how important a good understanding of paragraph 60A of Schedule B1 of the Insolvency Act 1986 is

** Early in February we published a CPD TAP on the Special Administration Investment Regulations - vital for those involved in administration of investment banks and other lenders

** There was a useful and important update about the Register of Overseas Entities, one of a plethora of new measures introduced to limit the impact of money laundering and the ownership of British businesses by foreign shells companies

** We looked at the ways a civil insolvency court can apply criminal penalties, focusing in on section 164 of the Insolvency Act 1986

** There were two more editions in our 'Consumer Issues' series, where we summarise the statistics, changes, research and updates surrounding individual challenges and debt and personal insolvency issues

** The case of Despins and Kwok examined whether a foreign representative under UNCITRAL can inspect a litigation file in a Bankruptcy matter

** A case was reported from the High Court about limiting dividends to members in an insolvency under sections 107 and 112 and, the next day, it was reported and explained on CPD TAP

** There were a couple of webcasts on the Breathing Space Health Crisis Moratorium, with vulnerability and an increase in anxiety-loaded insolvency issues hitting the headlines

** Finally, if you are ever involved in a Liquidation or Administration of a construction or building company, tune into our CPD TAP webcast about the warning signs when dealing with a construction supply chain

Let us at NTI know if you would like us to include any other topical or practical issues this month. You just need to ask and we will deliver.


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