CPI Exam: Another Day Another Major Exam

Posted on Nov 17, 2022. by NTI

As the provider of the only face-to-face lecture room training for CPI, NTI are in a unique position to report on how the final exam of 2022 went for the students today (Thursday 17 November).

When all other eyes were focused on the numbers coming out of the House of Commons in Westminster, our students were focused on the countdown on their clocks and the numbers in the IPA's second exam of the year. But the numbers failed to appear ...

... despite the IPA previously stating it would always include at least one numbers question in each paper, there were none in the exam paper sat this morning by students who had been studiously practising them at least once a day for the past four or five weeks.


But do not despair. The questions that did appear seemed to be straightforward and fair. They ranged from pre-packs to requesting a physical meeting, onto antecedent transactions, with some matrimonial home piped in like butter cream onto a cake. This was a bit of a treat for the well-prepared student and we only do 'well-prepared' at NTI.

We also signed up four newbies today for the June 2023 exam and when others read this bulletin they should form a queue; the IPA are in a good mood. Of course, all of NTI's students will have full access to the exclusive NTI app, our all-singing Compendium, face-to-face lecturing, an interactive study planner, their own Learning Mentor, full colour materials and more webcasts then you can nod their heads at, as well as these news bulletins and CPD TAP.

Rest easy CPI students in November 2022. You have done way better than you imagine.

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