CPI Results: Many Congratulations to Our Students

Posted on Aug 12, 2021. by NTI

The CPI results were published by the IPA yesterday (Wedneaday 11 August) and the settling dust is already revealing the jig of success.

Our glorious students scored the two top prizes, then went on to claim the next three most distinctive distinctions. Many congratulations to you all - it was a tough paper in June, but so many of you fought your way through it and thoroughly deserve your success.

Of course, celebration on results day is always tinged with disappointment as not everyone we liked got through and we hate to have the 'commiseration conversation' with people whose hard work deserved better. However, these folk should be encouraged by the numbers who passed second time around with NTI. For those of you who are less than chuffed we have unfinished business and, of course, you have our Lifetime Pass Guarantee to sustain you in your bounceback in November's sitting.

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