easyJet: 100% Of Neil's Flight From Lisbon Cancelled

Posted on Sep 08, 2020. by NTI

Richard tells us that he always felt that looking at 'TV personality' Dale Winton was a bit like staring directly into the sun; it could do serious damage. Dale left the planet on 18 April 2018, aged 63, and it has to be said that something quite that orange was never going to last overly long, although Neil has been forbidden to have any part in this story as he has unwholesome comments to make about Dale's series 'Hole In The Wall' and someone called 'Gloria' (we think).

EasyJet, too, are a little too orange to be taken seriously. We grant you, it is Britain's biggest airline, by both routes and aircraft, but all that orange plastic flying around in the sky, it can't be natural, can it? (And that is just the passengers on board a flight to Alicante.) It is reported today (Tuesday 8 September) that, just over a month after expanding its flight schedule to 1,000 flights a day after better-than-expected demand, the airline said it expects to fly slightly less than the 40 per cent of planned capacity in the fourth quarter of the year. It said it is thinning its schedule to focus on profitable flying. EasyJet’s flight schedule is likely to be reduced by 2 per cent. This compares with bigger flight cancellations at rival Ryanair, which binned almost one in five flights scheduled for September and October following a drop in bookings.

Just a 2 per cent reduction? That doesn't sound too bad, especially when you consider that once when Neil was at Lisbon Airport easyJet cancelled 100 per cent of its flights back to Stansted, leaving him stranded with people who looked as if they would almost certainly become your clients within five years of that date and you would be spending a lot of time in and around the 'antecedent transactions' sections of the Insolvency Act as you mined their finances.

The airline's chief executive, Johan Lundgren, said: “We are closely monitoring customer behaviour and amending flying to ensure our schedule is aligned with demand. Following the imposition of additional quarantine restrictions to seven Greek islands and the continued uncertainty this brings for customers, demand is now likely to be further impacted and therefore lower than previously anticipated.” He didn't, at any time, explain why he thought it acceptable that his company's name, a proper noun, opened with a lower case 'e' and then, inexplicably, inserted an upper case 'J' in the middle of the word. Odd. However, a fact about Mr Lundgren you may not have known, he gave one of his kidneys to his brother Per (although still charged him £45 for an additional piece of hold luggage).

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