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Posted on Nov 18, 2022. by NTI

If you take it as a given that we all need to keep up-to-date in an electronically charged world (that is a given, right?), we at NTI don't get why you wouldn't pay a few quid for all the very latest information, commentary, case law, changes and everything essential to the insolvency and restructuring sector as it happens and easy-to-access ...

... rather than wait three months for an expensive conference, and sit at the back of a hall on your phone, relying on a barely intelligible handout?

Here is a soupçon of some of the uploaded webcasts on CPD TAP just in the past month:

** An up-to-date case about a director, who was also chair of the board meeting, creditor and debtor voting to approve the fees of a Liquidator. Surely not? It produced really interesting facts and a good decision

** A Court of Appeal decision on when a director is personally liable in a Phoenix situation. We know about section 217(2) IA 1986, but this is a great take on that sub-section

** This month we commenced a series of webcasts on 'consumer issues', dealing with the facts and fallout from the cost of living crisis, energy bills, fraud, vulnerability and all else relevant to those dealing with personal insolvency, or the lives of employees, directors ... and people

** There was a great, no-nonsense look at SIP 2: Back to Basics - an officeholder's duty to investigate

** The Insolvency Service are consulting on the implementation of 'Article X' of UNCITRAL. This is an area that some practitioners avoid made easy and understandable ... on CPD TAP (talking of which, we also covered, in a separate webcast, a really useful decision by the Court of Appeal about 'COMI')

** In separate webcasts, the official Insolvency Statistics for both Scotland and England and Wales

** An examination and analysis of the latest bill to tackle money laundering and corporate undesirables; the Economic Crime andCorporate Transparency Bill

** The views of Ofgem on the energy supply crisis and some suggestions for steps to be taken ... via the lens of the insolvency and restructuring industry

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