Exam Training Section of the NTI App Goes Live

Posted on Jan 23, 2020. by NTI

If you have “auto-updates” turned on then you may have noticed over-night that the app has a new tab called “exam training”.

This a new section for all of our exam training students for them to have access to webcasts, manuals and testettes at the touch of the button, wherever they go.

We believe this will revolutionise the way people undertake their insolvency exams in the future and is the only insolvency, exam training app out there. It is utterly stupendous and we are so proud of it. 

We have created a demo video for you to see it action and that can been HERE. However, if you wanted to have a little trial of this part of the App to see how amazing it is then let me know at richard@ntinsolvency.com and we will set you up. 

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