National Rescue Is Go

Posted on Aug 02, 2020. by NTI

We in the NTI newsroom are friends of the environment. Neil insists that have a carbon neutral footprint (which Tracee thinks means that we have to pick pencils up off the floor before someone treads on them and smudges the carpet) and as he has a Riva Aquararma Special, currently in dry-dock in Monte Carlo, we cannot have air-conditioning in the office. It is hot as hell in here today (Friday 31 July) and the fan that Aarati brought in from home is working harder and making way more noise than Billy is. It is hot to be off the press this afternoon, but we still spotted this little piece from Sunak, Rishi Sunak who is taking a break from filming the next Martini advert ahead of taking over from Daniel Craig in his headline role this time next year.

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