GBK And Byron To Be Merged To Make One Big Burger?

Posted on Sep 16, 2020. by NTI

Is there ever a case where one (good) burger isn't enough? It's not like a Chinese Sunday Buffet, is it, when you can go back to the pancakes and plum duck sauce until you have to be wheeled out of the restaurant on a sack barrow, with all the dignity of Nigel Farage supping his fourth pint and pretending not to be posh.

So, how likely are you to leave Byron Burger having had a rather fine Bulleit Bourbon Smokey, walk past GBK and think, 'Oh, I could handle a Six Ounce Mighty with cheddar' (do you even know what an 'ounce' is?!)? The coming together of burger chains is the thinking of the South African owners of GBK, who have started the process of selling the chain. Deloitte have been spotted hanging round burger restaurants nursing a side of fries that have long-since gone cold and tapping up the owners. It has worked (we think), as it looks as if the new owner of Byron is looking to combine the two businesses.

GBK's current owner, South Africa-based Famous Brands, has indicated that it would not provide further funding to support the UK operation, which used to operate from 62 outlets and employed nearly 1,300 staff. Those in the kitchen of Byron, wearing strange check trousers, told Billy of the NTI newsroom that Calveton UK, which bought Byron through a pre-pack several weeks ago, had already expressed an interest in acquiring GBK. They just cannot get enough burgers. They get that the brands sell the same thing, right? Is it just that they sell them in different places? We all know how restaurant premises are so hard to come by right now ...

Maybe Billy needs to have a word as he goes large on his onion rings.

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