Good News Wednesday

Posted on Jul 22, 2020. by NTI

Is it too early to talk about 'memories of lockdown'? The spare room full of loo roll, washing hands with vodka (we all did that, right?), making eye contact 14 times with the same person 12 trolleys up in the zig-zag queue in Tesco's car-park and that bloody woman on the news with doleful eyes who could tell you you had won the lottery and you'd want to bawl. After seven wretched stories about Covid-19 in a row, that woman would turn to camera four, lower her voice, say 'care homes' and you were done for. Good news was a dot on the distant horizon and we here in the NTI newsroom hated it. We said that if we were ever the purveyors of news we would never do that and this evening we have the chance to be good to our word. We have so much uplifting stuff for you. Take this.

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