A Guide to the CPD Changes - And the Perfect Solution

Posted on Jul 10, 2023. by NTI

Many of you will have received notifications from the ICAEW that the way we in our glorious profession have to attain and verify our CPD will change from 1 November 2023.

A minimum number of hours will be set for those considered to be 'working in practice', with three categories (ranging from Category 1 - of whom is required 40 hours of CPD, of which 30 hours are to be 'verifiable'; Category 2 require 30 hours, with 20 'verifiable' and Category 3 is 20 hours and 10 hours respectively).

The term 'verifiable hours' is defined to include webinars, presentations with defined learning outcomes and verifiable technical reading. It also includes ‘on-the-job training’, which is only verifiable if the reading can be evidenced. Otherwise, it counts as non-verifiable CPD if it is relevant to the learning needs of the role.

Also, every person will be required to keep a CPD record. This should include: * The CPD Activities Undertaken. What They Were Undertaken  * The Record of Activity, Including Dates  * CPD Learning Hours (of which, how many are ‘verifiable’)  * Retained evidence, which is retained and corroborated.

Oo-er. Sounds expensive and complicated.

But it doesn't need to be.

NTI's CPD TAP has evolved (and will evolve further) to include all of the above. Our all-service on-app CPD is all 'verifiable', in that every webcast carefully defines learning outcomes and includes verifiable reading. We report cases and all changes with explanations and practical applications to the profession. Every 'TAP' is defined and practical and directly related to increased knowledge and understanding ...

... you can even plug CPD TAP webcasts into your meeting or training rooms and present it as training to your teams. At the office, with no need to get on a train or attend a conference.

... and, what is more, we will produce an evidential record of all the CPD you access from the NTI app and when, so you can produce this record as your Record of Activity of what has been undertaken and the learning dates and hours.

If you buy CPD TAP for your business it can amount to less than £130 per person per year ... for all of your 40 hours.

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