HMRC VAT Inbox Reminder

Posted on Jun 24, 2024. by NTI

HMRC have issued a reminder to all insolvency practitioners on the use of its VAT Insolvency Only mailbox, which is

This email address is automated, and as a result you must (HMRC’s emphasis in their guidance) only use one of the following headers on your emails:

·        Repayments

·        Claim

·        Complaint

·        Dividends

·        VAT group

·        Misc

The claim heading covers new or amended claim requests, as well as any queries about claims.  The Misc is only to be used where your query does not fit into another category.

Another result of the automation is other details (case name, VAT reference, etc.) must not be within the email header and must remain in the body of your email.

HMRC’s final reminder is not to issue chaser emails to them, as this is delaying their ability to reply to you.

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