Home Bargains Closing: Where Will Lancashire People Now Buy Their Homes?

Posted on Sep 10, 2021. by NTI

When Tracee came in this morning waving some online report about Home Bargains closing, none of the rest of us were in the least surprised and (predictably) Michelle asked what Home Bargains is.

The comments ringing around the office varied from:

"Where will north-western people now buy their homes?"

"Where will Chris from Wilmslow now buy a plush carrot, sprout and turkey for just £2.99?"


"I thought Home Bargains closed in 1946."

It turns out that the chain is not closing closing; the notice relates to the chain's opening hours during the Christmas period where they have now confirmed every branch will close on Boxing Day and New Year's Day. This radical move is said to be by way of a big thank you to staff who have worked really hard during the course of the year and, of course, in the peak pre-festive buying period between 1 August and 24 December; with just a nod to saving a packet on time and a half by otherwise making people work on Bank Holidays.

The company said it wants to give workers more time to spend with family and friends over the Christmas season this year.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," said Stacey and Tina (north-west) family and friend, respectively, of a Home Bargains floor manager, " no-one asked us. The last thing we want is him home on Boxing Day, with his football and sleep apnea-induced snorting in the afternoon."

The store has 22,000 staff working in 500 stores around the UK. At, say £8.91 per hour per person, time-and-a-halfed-to £13.37 per hour per person, multiplied by a working day of seven hours; hmmm, £93.56 and that multiplied by 22,000. This makes a saving per day of £2,058,210. Over two days Home Bargains will be saving £4,116,420 ... very minimum.

What a lovely gesture.

The Dove: Glow & Go Gradual Self Tan Gift Set is just £3.99 at Home Bargains and for £4,116,420 you could buy 1,031,684 of those. Just sayin'.

 More news on Home Bargains; you can buy a one bedroom flat in Brompton Square, London SW3 for just £775,000. No jostling, in the queue please.

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