A HUGE Month For CPD. How Will You Cope?

Posted on Aug 04, 2023. by NTI

This morning, Friday 4 August, NTI published a CPD TAP case about the Supreme Court judgment of R (on application of PACCAR) v The Competition Appeal Tribunal. It is one of those cases that absolutely begs to be informed about within a day of the case being reported. Of course we did that, along with an explanation and advice, on our all-service, on-app CPD TAP.

In July we published three hours and 19 minutes of CPD updates, over 14 on-app webcasts. With the CPD regulations changing in November, as you know, all 30 hours of your 'verifiable CPD' has to be attached to a learning outcome and include 'verifiable reading'. We even include the compulsory one hour ethics requirement stated by the ICAEW in their announced rule changes.

We know how busy you are and recognise you may not have got around to listening to and tuning into all of the TAP webcasts during July. Of course, they are still on your phone or tablet and you can listen in or download and listen later to any or all of whatever you choose at your leisure.

The highlights of July's CPD TAP are as follows:

** A breakthrough case about the Mental Health Crisis Moratorium. The High Court examined what evidence needs to be produced to oppose an application for this vital individual insolvency intervention.

** There were a few 'Dear IPs' last month which NTI set out and explain for you, to ensure you are always in-the-know and up-to-date with the latest from the RPBs.

** Can you believe that the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act turned three in July? We explored what is left of the statute and question whether it has been useful ...

... whish led to another CPD TAP later in July which more closely investigates the Part A1 Moratorium. Why hasn't it been the raging success it was promulgated to be? What happened to the estimated 5,000 Moratoria a year? Why is it only around 75?

** NTI looked at the detail of the new ICAEW's CPD Regulations on 10 July and explained the detail, setting out what every person working in the profession needs to do to maintain their hours ...and to be recorded and verified doing so.

** There was a fascinating case about remuneration in a Special Administration on 11 July, which NTI reported on and explained the next day in TAP 447. Can you guess how much Teneo have charged for their Administration of Bulb Energy to date? ...

** We continued our examination of key 'Consumer Issues' this month, specifically reporting on Consumer Duty, the latest statistics and the burgeoning cost-of-living crisis. We published two 'Consumer Issues' webcasts in July.

** Can the Administrators of one company apply for that of another? The case of Re Aartee Steel Group explored exactly that question in the High Court and we reported on it in TAP 449.

** Restructuring Plans cannot be levered out of either the courts or the news at the moment. In a 16 minute TAP on 19 July we examined the convening of meetings under Part 26A of the Companies Act 2006.

** Re Minai investigated the meaning and depth of a debtor's 'Centre of Main Interest'. When forum shopping for the best Bankruptcy deal, how can a debtor attach themselves to that of England & Wales?

** When is a proof of debt not a proof? There was a case on this reported on 21 July.

** In NTI's news bulletins we reported the growth of corporate insolvencies in the past two financial quarters. The numbers are really staggering. But what about 'mid-sized companies'? We published a CPD TAP about a wide-ranging investigation of the 52,000 'mid-sized company market'.

** The game-changing case of Sequana is being explored and interpreted by the courts. In late July the court investigated further the shifting of directors' liability from the members to creditors. But when does it actually occur? ...

There is so much in CPD TAP, and you can also scroll back over metres of past footage and pick topics that are of interest to you. And every millimetre is verfiable and goes onto your approved record of 'verifiable CPD'. For as little as £2.00 per per person for verifiable CPD.

We will be talking to a Litigation Funder on Monday 7 August, who will explain to us all the impact of that huge case from the Supreme Court published today, 4 August. We will have it on your phone, tablet or laptop by midday on Monday.

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