Insolvency Service Guidance For Horizon Postmasters

Posted on Jan 10, 2024. by NTI

You will have no doubt seen the coverage in the news about the Post Office’s former software package, Horizon, and the number of former Postmasters that took measures such as making themselves Bankrupt, serving custodial sentences, or in some cases even taking their own lives.

A number of Postmasters experienced shortfalls in cash and stock in relation to the often erroneous data produced by the Horizon system. As a result, Postmasters were required to make good any shortfall, which then led to some Postmasters applying for their own Bankruptcy, or a creditor petitioning for their Bankruptcy.

The Insolvency Service (and the Official Receiver) has said that they are continuing “to assist former Postmasters impacted by Bankruptcy” and are “working closely with the Post Office and the Department for Business and Trade to ensure that claims for compensation are paid as quickly as possible.”

They have now shared details of a number of official schemes offering compensation to those Postmasters affected.

These can be found here:

The Insolvency Service also have a dedicated email address for those who have been subject to a Bankruptcy (in England, Wales or Northern Ireland) or Sequestration Order (in Scotland) and who believe they were “impacted by the Horizon discrepancies”. This is They state that this is only for those who have not yet been in contact with the Insolvency Service.

The Insolvency Service have asked those who have IPs appointed as their Supervisor of an IVA or Trustee in Bankruptcy to direct any queries to the IP concerned.

Those who are within a Debt Relief Order should contact the Official Receiver.

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