Insolvency Service Introduces New Case Management System

Posted on Feb 09, 2024. by NTI

The Insolvency Service have announced that they are introducing a new “INSSight” case management system, which will be “more modern, flexible and reliable” and “better integrated with internal and external systems, and automates repetitive tasks”.

This is part of their Future Case Management Capability Project, which will deliver Phase One of the new system later this year.

Phase One apparently covers their Official Receiver Services, Estate Accounts and Scanning. This also includes their banking and customer service teams.

They claim that INSSight will “bring benefits for Insolvency Practitioners too”, assisting with case transfers and receipts and payments. “It may also provide a foundation for closer integration with your own case management systems in future.”

What Will Change For IPs?
IPs apparently need to be aware of three main changes:

1.      There will be changed spreadsheet files for IVA registrations, completions and terminations, and unclaimed receipts – these will have fields removed, added or amended so that they work with INSSight

2.      There will be new spreadsheet files for the bulk transfer of IVAs, Bankruptcy and Liquidation cases (both Compulsory and Voluntary), and cheque and BACS payment requisitions. CAU forms submitted by post or email will still be accepted, but will be processed manually and will therefore take longer to be processed.

3.      INSSight will process the funds sent to the Insolvency Service automatically, without the need for “human intervention”: you will need a valid case reference for every payment sent. Those sent without a valid case reference will be processed manually and therefore take longer.

When Will The Changes Come In?
The new spreadsheet files will be issued in Spring 2024, and IPs will be able to start using them straight away. They will be processed manually in the same way they are now. Once INSSight goes live, they will be processed automatically.

What Is Not Changing?
Spreadsheet files should be sent to the email addresses you currently use, and certificate of appointment and handover documentation will be received as they are now.
What Do IPs Need To Do Now?
If you don’t already do so, you should start including a valid case reference whenever you make a payment into the Insolvency Service Account. This is a simple change you can make now, that will ensure you get the benefit of automated processing when it comes online.

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