Interpath Advisory: A Warm Welcome ... and a Headache

Posted on May 05, 2021. by NTI

Anyone with access to Linkedin, Facebook or any other form of social media (and a big welcome back to all professional footballers who were not permitted to access social media sites over the long weekend in protest about its widespread abuse) cannot fail to have missed the launch video of Interpath Advisory, who we also welcome into our professional lives. Having been cut loose from the mothership (KPMG) our glorious profession expects the child to grow fast in a big, competitive world.

If you haven't yet watched the one minute 27 second launch video we strongly recommend that you don't eat before you do, the messages within being almost subliminal in their multi-frame intensity. It all starts with a compass, then turns quickly into twists, turns, roads, buildings and lord only knows whatever else as it rushes into our unwilling subconscious with car-chase imagery. If you aren't prone to fitting you may still think you are experiencing one as you enter the Matrix of messages.

We are asked by the voiceover if this feels familiar, as we navigate what businesses face as they encounter "intertwining trajectories and compounding permutations ... from the mundane to the seismic". As we reached for a paracetamol, having our very fabric shaken by the pyrotechnical imagery, we needed to regain control, with a pathfinder, guide and co-pilot. Who are we going to call to take the right path? (there was a clue in the sentence) Interpath.

They will help us navigate what's next, which we will get right onto, once we have had a lie down.

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