Investin Quay House: A Case for Our Times and for JIEB

Posted on Sep 01, 2021. by NTI

As the wind section towards the rear of our property here in Tower Hamlets pauses to take breath I have found a trumpet I can pick up to hail this latest news bulletin.

At NTI we give all of our JIEB students access to our CPD update product, CPD TAP; not just for the time they study with us but for the year after they take and pass their exams. We are doing the same with our CPI students from 1 January 2022. Why? Because we passionately believe everyone working in our glorious profession must be fully up-to-date at all times - not wait to hang around for the next conference or 'roadshow', which may or may not happen in three months time.

Up-to-date means just that. Not 'up-to-date' at the time you (may) hear about it whilst playing Candy Crush crouched as you are at the back of a conference hall gathering CPD points for a presposterously expensive entrance fee. And nothing vindicates the way we approach CPD here at NTI more than the most recent case (still sizzling on the griddle, coming replete with hot peshwari naan) of Investin Quay House reported at the very end of August.

If you are sitting the Joint Board's Corporate Insolvency paper in just over two months time this is a case update you must listen to and get involved in. It includes CIGA issues when compulsorily winding-up a company, the matter of opening proceedings after Brexit, essential COMI definitions and section 221 Insolvency Act winding-up an unregistered company.

It has 'exam question' written all over it.

Listen on CPD TAP now; it was uploaded this morning (Wednesday 1 September). Updates as they should be; immediate, digitally accessible and free of charge, from NTI.

From 1 September as an individual you can receive all the CPD you need for just £499 a year. This includes total access to more than 30 hours of CPD TAP, attendance at our annual conference, as well as attendance at a regional conference close to you. Compare this to the price of attending just one conference anywhere else ...

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