IPA and BPP: Uncomfortable Bedfellows? NTI Offer More TO ALL

Posted on Aug 25, 2022. by NTI

Billy here: NTI Newsroom Sub-Editor. Neil is in Birmingham today running a face-to-face lecture course for the JIEB (yes, that's right ... we run actual face-to-face courses) and has just emailed me a messive sent to all members by the IPA.

You may have seen it. But if you haven't, let me give you the gist of its content. The IPA are offering their students a 10% discount off their CPI/CPPI and JIEB courses if they book with BPP.

Wow. Way to be 'impartial'.

It beggars belief, doesn't it? The IPA have always told NTI that they will never recommend one tutorial organisation over another. It seems that is no longer the case.

So let us help.

NTI offer all students (as we choose to be consistent in our impartiality) 15% off all our CPI/CPPI and JIEB courses (and we are already cheaper than BPP. Don't take my word for it, check out https://nti.co.uk/insolvency-exam-training/cpi-course-dates-costs-and-venues and https://nti.co.uk/insolvency-exam-training/jieb-course-dates-costs-and-venues)

The thing is, not only are we cheaper than BPP, offering better deals, we also uniquely offer the following:

*  Many (many) more face-to-face lectures (the ONLY place to be for 'real learning')

*  Everything a student will ever need always available on the unique NTI app

*  Free access to the exclusive CPD TAP and our news bulletins reporting everything 'holistic' and sector specific

*  More webcasts than BPP (we have, for example, 140 webcasts for JIEB Corporate Insolvency alone)

*  Our JIEB mock exams are sat at the actual Kaplan exam centres - an essential exam experience

*  A big, fully trained FULL-TIME lecture team

But don't take our word for it. Talk to anyone who has experience of both tutorial organisations.

PS  We LOVE the ICAEW ...

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