The JIEB Exams To Go Ahead: Covid Be Damned

Posted on Nov 02, 2020. by NTI

Let’s start with the most important fact of the year for NTI’s Joint Board students. 

There is some truly great news, after a torturous weekend of uncertainty, rumour and the inability of those at the top of organisations to do what they should be doing, with 150 people waiting on their every word. 

GREAT news. The Joint Board this evening (Monday 2 November) finally published a definitive statement announcing that the JIEB exams next week (10 and 11 November) will DEFINITELY BE GOING AHEAD at the Kaplan CBE centres as previously stated.

The remarkable thing is that Kaplan (the Computer Based Exam venue providers) announced this on their website at 10.30 this morning, but it took another critical nine hours for what we all knew to be confirmed. Nine hours of doubt. Nine hours of worry. Nine hours of uncertainty. Nine hours of lost work seven days before the most important exams of their lives.

The announcement is, of course, extremely important for the students who suffered all weekend with the dread that ten months of work was being clumsily juggled by people who can barely hold one ball. 

Let’s focus on what 2020 Joint Board students can all achieve now. It is not the time to question the other issues which must be raised and made a key part of the narrative once this is over.

The JIEB statement is: “ Further to our earlier statement, we have now heard from Kaplan, our examination centre provider, via their Executive Board, and they have told us that , as at today, Monday 2nd November, their position is that the new restrictions do not change their previous position materially and so they will continue to work with us and provide the examinations in all the relevant centres specified in England and Scotland as previously planned. We are still awaiting a similar confirmation for the examination centre in Belfast which is being actively chased by our Secretariat.

At NTI we are so sorry that you had to go through what must have been a tumultuous weekend and Monday at such a critical time of your Joint Board study.

Now is the time to use what ever emotion students have stored up since Saturday evening and turn it into a strength of purpose to stick it to all the organisations and factors that appeared to have been railing against them. You are never on your own. NTI completely understand what you have been and are still going through. 

The exams are happening. Now to pass them.

The full JIEB statement can be found at

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