JIEB Exams 2020. Students For November READ THIS

Posted on Sep 19, 2020. by NTI

At NTI, we absolutely get it. In truth, Neil has been stomping the lecture room boards and presenting a moving target to Joint Board students for 31 years this year (a little bunting and a gentle round of applause would have been appropriate, you guys) and has seen absolutely everything before. 

But he has never seen a pandemic, some of you - really concerned about the chances of the JIEB exams being postponed or cancelled this November - cry out. That is true. But every problem without an immediate solution is exactly that, a problem, and when you have a problem you often call upon someone, sometimes an ‘expert’, to help solve it for you. Although that expert may not have seen that exact problem before, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the knowledge, wisdom and bandwidth derived from many other scenarios to solve the one at hand. 

Let’s get it straight. NTI are professional insolvency exam trainers. We are the best in the business. We have been around the longest and have by far the most experience. 

We are getting many calls and emails from students (not all of them ours) rightly concerned about whether the increasing Coronavirus numbers in the UK will put paid to the JIEB exams this November. We want to help. We want to reassure you. And we can. 

The worst case scenario anticipated by latest Government briefings are that there may (most certainly will?) be a ‘short-circuit’ lockdown for, say, two weeks to stop the much-dreaded second spread of the virus which appears to have begun. The likelihood is that if this happens it will be in October, to coincide with school half term. 

Boris and his Cobra moved late before; they won’t make the same mistake twice. 

No-one, not even the hapless Daily Mail, is predicting a second, full lockdown. It won’t happen. The Government, their reputation, the country and all the people living in it cannot afford it. 

There is also no need for such an extended lockdown. The mutated strain of Covid-19 is less virulent. We have antibody and drug treatments. We have the experience and know-how from the first wave. Human beings are crap at a lot of things, but we are good at learning from history. Especially as far as money and politics are concerned, and there is £250 billion we don’t have and can’t afford riding on this one.  

No-one is talking about shutting down businesses, even in the most extreme conversations about the ‘second wave’. It is in the much-beleaguered hospitality area where the virus is spreading. Businesses will remain open and we will be encouraged to work, not prevented from doing so. 

The JIEB exam centres are run by Kaplan, a highly proficient and experienced business. They have capacity and flexibility to manage a relatively small number of candidates taking a maximum of two exams over two days. 

The exams are in November. This month is, temporally, AFTER October, the latest predicted time of a second (social) lockdown. If that happens. 

The Joint Board’s exams WILL go ahead. You should focus on that and not the mudslide of cack being poured down the hill towards us by a media hungry for the ‘second big version’ of an old, tired story. 

Be reassured. Be prepared. Focus on success this November.

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