JIEB and CPI: Face-to-Face Lectures, the Only Way to Go

Posted on Jan 28, 2022. by NTI

If there ever was any doubt, and there really, really wasn't, it's just that Zoom and Teams took us all down a dark path for a while and it has taken some folk time to recover and return to their senses, NTI have enjoyed an explosive start to the new year of CPI and Joint Board courses.

We have just completed a fornight of roadshow face-to-face lectures around the country, introducing this year's CPI and JIEB students to the only way to study; and the energy and dynamism has returned to the faces of those signed up to the unique NTI Study Support Programme.

We absolutely believe, of course, that more than 100 webcasts can be delivered on an app, lending flexibility and total convenience to students' armouries, and we are committed to our individual Learning Mentor programme of one-on-one support ...

... but only lecture rooms deliver the debate, discussion and zest necessary to bring study to life. Neil has a sparkle in his eyes and a only-a-slightly-embarrassing-elderly-skip-in-his-step.

NTI are in the lecture room, delivering live face-to-face sessions once a month until inevitable success. It feels GOOD!

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