JIEB Retakes 2022: An Open Letter

Posted on Mar 07, 2022. by NTI

Despite a very fine set of results in the Joint Board's exams in 2021, NTI absolutely appreciate that, with a national pass rate of 33 per cent for those who took both papers, many people will have had a lousy weekend and are suffering this Monday morning (7 March).

We have been taking calls from some of our students who didn't get through and Neil sent an email to a small group of them this morning. We wanted to share that email with you, as others may feel lost today, irrespective of where you studied for the exams. All of the below applies to all of you who have to face re-taking the JIEB in 2022.

Good Morning 

I am so sorry you are in the situation where you have joined a group with the common cause of studying for and passing the Joint Board's exam(s) at the second time of asking. You all deserved better with the work you put into your studies. You must be so disappointed.

At NTI our position is very straightforward. Quite separate from 'Lifetime Pass Guarantees' and messages of sympathy we and you have unfinished business. We will support you in any and whatever ways it takes to maximise your chances of passing however and whenever you decide to retake; because re-take you must. It has been 32 years since I sat on a panel designing and putting together the Joint Board and I have, quite literally, seen everything in that time.

The biggest common denominator over the years is the number of very worthy, bright and able people who have fallen at the first JIEB fence, to pick themselves up, dust themselves down and pass at the second time of asking. The sporting world has its equivalent; world beaters lose a game or a match which has nothing whatsoever to do with their greater ability. It hurts. It can even be devastating. But it says nothing about their general sporting ability and the fact they are fabulously talented.

At NTI we say, of course, we have a 'Lifetime Pass Guarantee' ... and mean it. However, the reality is much greater. Put simply, we will do anything and everything it takes to work with you to empower you to pass this exam/these exams.

If you want us to give you instant access to all of our on-app webcasts, new materials, testettes, live and recorded webinars and all else it's yours. 

At a very minimum we will have a Zoom call in March to set up your study eight months, offer you an individual approach and give you ideas on how to plan your studies and strategy this year. My free dates for this are; 10, 11, 15, 17, 21 and 23 March. Please let me know which date or dates work for you and what you would most like to achieve from the call.

Then we can set up extra sessions and free face-to-face days if such you want, as we at NTI have a committed and proven belief that this increases your chances of passing by more than 30%. As part of our 'Lifetime Pass Guarantee' you also get free-of-charge access to our four day Passing the Exam courses around the country.

We are in this together. Let's make a fresh start.  

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