JIEB: Ugly Rumours Quashed

Posted on Mar 08, 2021. by NTI

It is extraordinary what people make up as they go along and the ways that rumours gather.

NTI have just become aware that a rumour has been circulating on social media over the weekend since the JIEB exam results have been published that NTI had a terrible pass rate and this was due to some kind of imagined vendetta between the Joint Board and Neil Taylor.

This is complete nonsense, and we have the facts to support it. Of the results published by the Joint Board on their website on Friday 5 March (plus a few of our students who have contacted us over the weekend, having opted to not have their names published on the official list) NTI students achieved a 61.5 per cent pass rate in Corporate Insolvency and a 64.8 per cent pass rate in Personal Insolvency. We also achieved the majority of passes on all lists when compared with all other tuition providers.

Of course NTI want to congratulate those of our students who passed the exam, and we have done so by calling and emailing each of them personally. What we didn't want to do is to enter a chest-thumping competition of bragging rights at a time when too many candidates were feeling damaged, bruised and lost. This would have been the height of bad taste and just ... utterly inappropriate.

There is absolutely no 'vendetta' between Neil Taylor and the Joint Board; in fact, we doubt the JIEB even consider him as annoying as a small pimple. Rather, we at NTI reserve the right to raise our voice against unfairness and inequity, and we will continue to do so and behalf of all students (wherever they choose to study) and all firms.

If you wish to speak to Neil about this personally, not just to reassure yourself about NTI's more important relationship with training excellence and exam success, but to raise any personal concerns please call him on 07831 308342 or email him at NT@nti.co.uk.

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