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Yesterday NTI attended the JIEB tutors’ meeting at the ICEAW headquarters, The Chartered Accountants Hall. Amongst the agenda were topics covering last year’s JIEB Results, JIEB Exam technique and a brilliant insight into the future of the JIEB … including the move to Online JIEB Examinations!!!

The meeting resulted in five main headlines that we believe you need to know!

Two Papers

The JIEB is to move away from the traditional three paper format which tested candidates on Liquidations, ACVAR and Personal Insolvency. The JIEB Exam will now focus around two papers split between corporate and personal with the former encompassing both Liquidations and ACVAR and the latter remaining largely unchanged from its former status.

Online JIEB Examinations

Possibly the biggest announcement of the day was the move away from the traditional pen and paper JIEB Exams. From 2018 JIEB candidates will be required to sit the JIEB using new exam software which is purely computer based.

NTI have personally had access to this software which is currently being used with other exams such as the ACA and AAT examinations.

While this may look a little daunting, the JIEB Exam will remain relatively traditional. Candidates will still have access to pen and paper and will still be able to have a copy of the ‘red book’ for reference.

The RPBs have however said that preparation is key and candidates will be expected to know how the software works before sitting the JIEB Exam.

The ICEAW have a fantastic set of webinars introducing the functionality and working of the software and these can be found below. It is highly recommended that you check these out. The JIEB version of the software will be released in the last week of May 2017.


More JIEB Exam Locations

With the move to Online JIEB Examinations comes the move to specialist computer exam venues. These venues will be in similar locations to the now written examinations however come 2018 there will be more choice for candidates as the number of venues is due to increase.

In addition to this the application form where students select their chosen location will also be online and completed electronically. This is designed to move in line with the current digitalisation of the JIEB processes.

No More Sharing

In addition to the above JIEB candidates will now sit the JIEB alone. No, not personally, but as a JIEB Qualification. The move to electronic exams and specialist exam venues means that the only candidates in the exam venue on the day will be you guys! No more ACA or AAT et al students joining the party.

Changing Dates

At present JIEB candidates have the daunting task of sitting the exam on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. With the above reforms comes a change of days and as of 2018 the JIEB Exam will be sat on Thursdays and Fridays. Right in time for a few select drinks? We think so.

And finally …

The Need To Type

One of the most important matters discussed on the day was the ability of students to type.

At present the average UK typing speed is 40 words per minute (“wpm”). As the JIEB Exam is a three and half hour exam this makes a total word count of 8,400, maximum. Take away your time to think, time to plan and throw in a few nerves and you find that your typing time decreases and as such your wpm need to increase to account for this!!

As such, you need to be on your typing game! Trust us, we’ve seen and played with the software!

But not to worry, NTI have developed and are implementing a ‘JIEB focused’ typing course to fully prepare future delegates for the changes ahead. What better feeling than entering the JIEB Exams knowing that these changes won’t affect you! Water off a duck’s back we say!

For those interested, and we believe you should be given the RPBs comments detailed above, please complete the JIEB Enquiry Form or Contact NTI to find out more. We’d love to hear from you and even better, whether you have any ideas!

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