KPMG Boss Quits. In Another Story Someone Called 'PC' Has Gone Mad

Posted on Feb 10, 2021. by NTI

Really? Do we have to give lessons? The NTI newsroom have just picked up on the live news-wires that the KPMG chair Bill Michael (an Australian, but that is more a statement about geography than a comment on his lack of tact ...) has resigned after making comments today (Wednesday 10 February) about his staff, telling them to “stop moaning” during a virtual meeting with 1,500 employees about the pandemic and the impact of lockdown on people’s lives.

Now Bill, what has Neil always told you about biting your tongue and not saying things that people might find offensive. Some attendees at the meeting reported (social media, eh? That must be a shocker to you, Bill ...) that, after saying the "stop moaning" thing - advice offered not just to KPMG, but to all the 'Big Four' accountancy firms - he went on to tell people to stop “playing the victim card”.

In the apology that preceded his resignation (so, it appears, it wasn't quite apologetic enough) Bill explained that he had not intended for his comments to come across as they did, and that he had meant to share with colleagues how he looks after himself during lockdown, by taking walks and ensuring he does not schedule meetings late in the evening. In short, "stop moaning" is translated as, "take brisk walks and get some fresh air", and "stop playing the victim card" is code for, "it is advisable not to schedule meetings too late in the evening". Sorted.

Bill had said in a statement, which looks to be his last as chair of KPMG: “I am sorry for the words I used, which did not reflect what I believe in, and I have apologised to my colleagues. Looking after the wellbeing of our people and creating a culture where everyone can thrive is of critical importance to me and is at the heart of everything we do as a firm.” Yes, we can see that from what you said to 1,500 of them at a Town Hall meeting.

Did Bill really need to resign over this? We are taking a poll over here in the NTI newsroom. Email 'Yes' or 'No' to We will report the findings by the end of the week.

In another story, someone called 'PC' has gone absolutely mad today. Apparently, that can have repercussions.

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