KPMG Restructuring Emerges as 'Interpath'

Posted on Mar 04, 2021. by NTI

KPMG Restructuring team members went to bed last night under the comforting blanket of a well-known brand and woke up this morning as Interpath employees. As promised by the up-to-the-minute team on the NTI newsroom HIG Europe put their combined hands deep into their pockets and took out £400 million to prise the restructuring arm of the 'Top 4' business away from its Mum and Dad. The child has emerged with a new name and identity, with old hands on the wheel in the shape of Blair Nimmo, Will Wright and Mark Raddan.

It doesn't take a sleuth to work out where they found the name from. Inter-Path Youth Football Club have been advertising for Under 11 outfield players, who are wanted for new 2020/21 season. They are based in Epping and like their namesake are known for their enthusiasm, nascent ballskills and energy on and off the field. Interpath Advisory (the restructuring arm of the Essex youth football team) will no doubt strive to live up to the name as they get in their Mum's car off to appointments with banks, investment companies, retailers, leisure businesses, casual dining chains and who-knows-whatever-else unshackled by pesky compliance issues.

Interpath (the youth football team arm) have a mission statement, in which they state ... 'Our vision is to raise standards in our local community and surrounding areas by providing children with high standard coaching'. Hear, hear. No doubt Interpath (the Advisory arm) will soon adorn themselves with a mission statement and could do well to mirror that of their parent company; raising standards is surely what it is all about.

Many congratulations to the 22 partners and 528 staff of Interpath Advisory and the very best of luck in your new guise. May you be as successful as your namesakes in their next match against the Redwing Youth Eagles.

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