KPMG Restructuring And Insolvency Department: Rumour Has It ...

Posted on Oct 22, 2020. by NTI

It is terribly sad that almost everyone reading this screen is too young to have heard the album Rumours by Fleetwood Mac; the soundtrack to Neil's years at Bristol University. You have, of course, heard a track from it called 'The Chain' if you ever tuned into BBC TV coverage of F1, as it contains that belting guitar solo that introduces the Scalextric run-around every track in the world of all cars after a fast -disappearing Lewis Hamilton. You just weren't aware it was from the Fleetwood Mac album.

The point is the word, 'Rumours'. They have been circulating around the Deloitte restructuring division for the last part of the summer, reported here at the NTI newsroom, following compliance issues with taking juicy insolvency jobs and the possible purchase of the division by Dan Buttters and his closest chums. Everyone we talked to about that said stuff like:

"Deloitte, eh? What about KPMG?" touching the side of their noses in a strange way and hurriedly going on to say, "oh no, I have already said too much", when the truth is that they had said the arse-end of nothing.

Well, their noses are about to get a whole lot more sore this afternoon as the rumour is that KPMG restructuring and insolvency partners are on the end of the springboard, their heels balanced precariously and the blue waters of the pool are beckoning.

Blair Nimmo and Will Wright were unavailable for comment this afternoon as they were apparently changing into their swimming shorts.

Is this the reason that KPMG results have been delayed?

Is the big four about to become two?

Oh no, we have already said too much ...

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