News From the IPA About the Last CPI Exam

Posted on Aug 12, 2022. by NTI

Close followers of the NTI newsroom will be up-to-date about the issues CPI candidates all over the UK suffered during the last sitting of the IPA's exam in June of this year.

NTI were flooded with calls and distraught emails from loads of our students who experienced serious challenges from 'TestReach' the new provider of virtual invigilation services to the Association, including lack of response to urgent issues experienced during the exam (see more below), invigilators going AWOL and a general lack of service and care in what is a highly pressurised and stressful environment.

This was compounded by the fact that, astonishingly, there were two duplications of questions in the paper, leaving candidates highly discombobulated and in need of support and advice. NTI have received a letter from the Maria Weemes, who is the Student Officer/Authorisation Secretary of the IPA, designed to keep us up-to-date following our filing of all candidate complaints to us with her.


The IPA have now had a meeting with TestReach to run through the issues that have been reported and we shall be working closely with TestReach to refine the user experience for the next sitting.

Bearing in mind this is a new provider for the IPA, there was a reported incidence of just 12% of students experiencing any problems.

TestReach are doing further investigation of Firewalls, IP Whitelisting etc and our discussions are still ongoing, but we are pleased these are going in the right direction.

We are aware of the duplication of questions and the confusion caused and have taken this into consideration when marking Students’ papers.

The results will be released 2 September.


We are staggered at that number of "12% of students" experiencing problems with the last exam and its invigilation. We can't think of anyone who didn't feel hard done by in June and who felt they were given a fair and equitable crack at the exam whip.

We will keep you all fully informed. 

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