News From the Redundancy Payments Service for Those Who Don't Have a Package

Posted on Apr 19, 2022. by NTI

Our little planet is crowded with some very different people, isn't it? Ranging from normal people to the person who posthumously donated her freakishly oversized cheek bones to Simon Cowell. Yikes!

Some love detail, others prefer the bigger picture over a cold glass of something. It is good to know that NTI's Technical Department is stocked with the former, who love nothing more than to get to grips with the expanded RP14A from the Redundancy Payments Service ('RPS') whilst the rest of us content ourselves with the statement:

"RP You WOT? Whozat?"

If you are still tuned in, you need to know that NTI's unique document packs have already been updated with today's (Tuesday 19 April) changes, and sent out to our clients and technical partner, IPS. The new RP14A Excel template and updated guidance are available to download on GOV.UK, but you won't need to if you subscribe to the new 'NTI Package' of document packs, technical updates and CPD TAP (for 50% off!!).

From 19 April, you will need to use the new template and the RPS will not be able to accept any previous versions of the template. So there.

The RPS tell us they have added five new fields to the form based on feedback from the insolvency profession and information they require to process claims. The new fields are:

Column 5a – Is the claimant a company director (yes/no)
Column 12 – Is the claimant entitled to redundancy pay (yes/no)
Column 13 – Is the claimant entitled to notice pay (yes/no)
Column 14 – Does the claimant owe the employer any money (£0.00’s)
Column 16 – Average hours worked per week (to one decimal place)

Those of you without our packs and updates services will probably need to know this.

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