No Fool at NTI Announces a Return to the Lecture Room From 1 April

Posted on Mar 30, 2021. by NTI

In March 1860, what appeared to be official invitations for an annual lion-washing ceremony at the Tower of London were sent to many people, introducing most of them to 'April Fools Gags'. In 2015, Cottonelle tweeted that it was introducing left-handed toilet paper for all those who didn't want to change the hand holding their iPhone at a vital moment. In 1980 it was announced that Big Ben was going digital.

You can see how some people would get annoyed.

To enable you to feel a little better NTI have an announcement. From the 1st of April this year NTI are back in the lecture room, where all professional insolvency exam training should be. After a year of staring at a little lens at the top of our laptops and pretending that 'online live' is good enough for maximising success in CII, CPI and JIEB, we don't need to fake it any more.

The company who always bring you the best insolvency exam results, every year, will be back to doing what it does best. Energising you, enabling you, interacting with you and getting involved in debate about the best exam technique. Live ... in the lecture-room. Preparing you for exams in the best way we know how. Which is the best way in the UK.

We have checked and double-checked with the providers of all of our top-quality city centre lecture rooms in Manchester, Birmingham and London and are fully-satisfied they are Covid-safe, spruced up and open for the business of preparing you to pass. NTI's four-strong team of professional insolvency exam trainers are good to go.. Richard's hair won't be cut in time but, if the worst comes to the worst, it can be plaited and used as a rope to escape the room via a window. Michelle has a new range of 'luxury lecture-wear' and Andy has located his left work shoe that his little lad Alex hid in a hole in the garden.

Of course, if you feel that the time is not quite right for you to return to the lecture room with us, NTI will be putting on a live webinar option for all courses whilst Covid is still part of the national conversation.

Oh, and we will be offering free lion-washing for the lucky first ten students ...

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