The NTI Compendium: The World's Biggest Glossary of Insolvency and Restructuring

Posted on Nov 09, 2022. by NTI

Today (Wednesday 9 November) 500 of NTI's favourite clients and students received a complimentary hard copy edition of our Compendium through the post - this is the only glossary of all words, phrases and acronyms used in our glorious profession. 

Ideal for anyone, of any level of experience or qualification and at every stage in their career, NTI's Compendium offers definitions and explanations ranging from 'Rent Deposit Deed' to 'Certificate of Compliance', from 'Statutory Defence' to 'DRN'. The hard copy version sits comfortably on your desk and the app version rests squarely in your pocket.

If you haven't received a hard copy version it doesn't mean we don't love you, it just means we have not quite got around to you. Email us for a copy at or call us on 01962 77 21 81. In the meantime anyone with access to the NTI app (all students, ITIQ and ITI subscribers, CPD TAP users and many clients) should search along the bottom bar of our app, tap on 'More ...' and then 'Compendium'. You can then select either 'Glossary' or 'Acronym' and search for the word or phrase you have heard but cannot quite place. We have done the rest for you. All definitions and explanations whenever and wherever you need them.

NTI are also offering bespoke dual-branded versions for clients and associations who want hard copy versions including their own, internal and specific buzzwords, phrases and words. Just ask; NTI deliver.

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